The Sea Divers Boat Dive Reservation and Cancellation Policy

CANCELLATIONS - What is the cancellation/refund policy?

THE WAIT LIST GAME - Should I sign up on the wait list?
AGE - Who old do I have to be to dive with the Sea Divers?
TRIMIX POLICY - Is Trimix diving allowed?
NITROX POLICY - Is Nitrox diving allowed?
SEA DIVERS WAIVER - What must I agree to and sign before I dive with you guys?
BUNK ASSIGNMENTS - What bunk can I take?


     Only Sea Divers club members and members of other selected clubs may make unconfirmed boat dive reservations.   Nonmembers and new members must pay (via PayPal) at the time the reservation is made.   The new member discount for your first dive with the club only applies for individual memberships, not family membership.   Multiple memberships can be consolidated into a family membership at renewal time if applicable.
     To be eligible for the freediver price on a trip, you must be a club member.   To be eligible for the bubble-watcher price you must be a member, or be willing to share a bunk with the member you accompany on the trip.
     A club member may make a reservation on an upcoming dive as follows:

 A)  Unconfirmed reservations may be made for a boat dive at any time. To confirm a reservation, payment in full must be received.
 B)  For single day dives, divers holding an unconfirmed reservation must make payment in full no later than 15 days prior to the dive to be confirmed. 
 C)  For two day dives (except Bugzilla) payment in full is required no later than 30 days prior to the dive to be confirmed. For Bugzilla payment is required 60 days prior to the dive.
 D)  If payment in full is not received by the deadline, the diver may be replaced by a wait listed diver who has paid in full.

CANCELLATION POLICY- By making a reservation with the Sea Divers you Agree to the following cancellation policy:
     Any reservation (except for Bugzilla) may be canceled two weeks prior to a dive with a full refund.   Cancellations will not be accepted less than two weeks (four weeks for Bugzilla) prior to the dive unless a diver holding a reservation can sell or transfer their reservation to another qualified diver.   The dive reservationist will assist in this process, but is not responsible for providing paying alternates.
     Refunds for short term (less than 2 weeks, 4 weeks for Bugzilla) cancellations will not be issued until after the replacement diver has paid.   If you stop or dispute payment through PayPal or your credit card company in violation of the Sea Divers cancellation Policy you will be liable for the amount even if a replacement diver is found.

     Once the boat is full a wait list forms.  Although some of the wait lists can have quite a few folks on them, the list typically erodes to almost zero.  Often (but not always) divers on the wait list get on the dive trip, but a spot is not guaranteed. So don’t hesitate to put yourself on one, if you missed the first cut. The “pecking order” on the wait list is:

                    1.    Club Members who have paid.
                    2.    Club Members who have not paid.

                    3.    Non-club members who have paid.

                    4.    Non-club members who have not paid.

     The Sea Divers is an advanced dive club and we do many dives deeper than 60 feet, therefore the minimum age for a diver aboard our trips is 15 years old.   All divers ages 15 through 17 must dive with their parent or legal guardian.

     Diving with the use of Trimix is not allowed on Sea Divers boat charters.


1) The diver must be an advanced diver and be fully Nitrox certified.
2) The boat's policies and waiver(s) will apply.

3) The boat divemaster must be certified and insured for Technical Nitrox diving, when Nitrox mix exceeds 40%.
4) Both the Sea Divers and the boat divemaster must be informed one week prior to the charter, on the planned use of Nitrox when Nitrox mix exceeds 40%.

5) Tank mix tags must be available for divemaster and/or Sea Diver’s approval.

6) Only one tank will be placed at the dive station.   Additional tanks must be stored elsewhere for later use.

7) The diver must sign a Sea Diver waiver, initialing Nitrox Dive in Item 4, prior to first time use of Nitrox on a Sea Diver Charter.  Boat waivers must also be signed before diving begins.

     Currently all of the boats that the Sea Divers charter provide Nitrox. The Peace, Magician, and Horizon have membrane systems. The Sea Bass has a mixing stick. All of these systems pre-mix the Nitrox before it is pumped into your tank. Thus you do not need an O2 clean tank to utilize Nitrox on these boats.
Note: Nitrox fills are not included in the Club’s prices.

WAIVER of Liability:- The Sea Divers Waiver must completed on the prior to trip departure for the your first dive with the club each calendar year.

     We reserve bunks on all two day and some single day trips.  Basically, whenever there is boarding required the night before.  So when bunks are assigned check the bunk assignment sheet that is posted near the roster sign up sheet.  If there is no bunk assignments posted then all solo passengers should start with taking a single bunk and those that can bunk together take a double bunk. Once the boat is underway if there are open bunks still available you are welcome to utilize any extra space.

This page last updated on August 10, 2008